Brizy WooCommerce Quick Start Series

Lesson 01

Welcome to WooCommerce

Hi and welcome to our starter series on WooCommerce. If you’ve never worked with Brizy WooCommerce in WordPress, then it’s a good idea to watch the starter series on Brizy WooCommerce before jumping in with the Brizy WooCommerce builder, we’ll tackle all the basics in this video series to equip you with the tools needed to create your first online store in no time what exactly is WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create online e-stores for selling physical goods, virtual goods and or downloadable goods. It has become the go to e-commerce digital platform for WordPress, with global development and support teams. WooCommerce only works on the WordPress platform and cannot be used with Prezi cloud. Remember that here is a shop created with WooCommerce.

Essentially, this is what you want to achieve with an online shop created in WordPress. First, there is your shop page that features all the products you have for sale loosely also referred to as the store. Then, when people select any of the products, you are taken to a single product page with more detailed information on that product and where you can load it into your shopping cart. There are a number of things here: the product title, the item, price product description, a selector to choose how many items you want and then a button to add it to your shopping, cart and below a category within which this item falls. In this case, perfume below.

We have additional information as well as recommendations for other products. Let’s choose another item and you’ll see a different product, but in the same layout and style presented as the previous one. So far, we’ve learned about the shop page and single product page next is the cart page. Let’s add the item to our shopping, cart and click on view card. This takes us to the cart page, which shows you all the products you’ve loaded into your cart, ready to be purchased when I click on proceed to checkout we’re taken to the checkout page from where the customer enters their information and concludes the transaction by making payment shop page single product, page cart and checkout page, and there is more – we will tackle all these essentials in the following videos, so that, when you finish up with this series, you’ll be ready to build out your eCommerce store in WooCommerce, with the Brizy WooCommerce builder.

For WordPress, however, before we can begin to display any of this information on our site within our shop or single product pages, we must first create those products that is done in the back end right within WooCommerce, with the WooCommerce starter series. We’ll first do all of that leg work installing WooCommerce running through the wizard, creating single products and setting up our shop once this is completed, we’ll jump into the Brizy WooCommerce builder for WordPress. If you already know how to create a shop with products in WooCommerce, you can skip the starter video series and jump right in with the Brizy WooCommerce builder. Just a reminder again that WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin only and does not work on other CMS platforms. As such, to be able to build your brand spanking new online store with WooCommerce and Brizy you’ll need the pro version of Brizy WordPress.

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