Brizy WooCommerce Quick Start

Lesson 04

Theme Styling

How your product page looks, has everything to do with the type of theme you are using. Leave this page open and click on the tab that will take us back to the back-end builder, go to appearance, themes and click. Add new. Let’s add three more themes from our partners here: Blocksy, Astra and Neve click again on themes in the sidebar and now we can see all three of those themes: we’ve just added: let’s activate them one by one and see how the theme affects the product page, styling, Blocksy first activate go to the product page tab that is still open, refresh the page and immediately you’ll notice, a considerable change in layout and styling. Let’s go back and activate Astra this time back to the front end and refresh very different and you’ll notice, an available area for a sidebar on the right.

Next Neve go back and activate Neve to the front and refresh and again we see changes in styling. The takeaway here is that each theme brings its own settings and abilities to how your WooCommerce store and products look, and this is the big idea behind Brizy’s WooCommerce builder, with the WooCommerce builder. You don’t need to care about any of that. You can design everything yourself. How it is laid out, the fonts, the colors, the sizes, the whole 2D for now, let’s leave the Neve theme activated as it’s much better to look at than the 2020 theme.

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