Brizy WooCommerce Quick Start

Lesson 10

Store Item Menu Links

Let’s round out this starter video series on setting up your store with Brizy WooCommerce in WordPress, by looking at the header and menu from the back end, go to appearance menus and we create a new menu, give the menu a name in this case I’ll call it main Menu check the primary menu to assign it to a location. Now we add the pages to the menu for this site. We didn’t create any other pages like a home about or contact us page, and we only have the pages created for us through the Brizy WooCommerce wizard. Let’s at least create a home page click on create menu, hop over to pages and add new call it home and publish and publish again go to settings. Reading, select a static page next to your homepage, displays and then select the page we’ve just created, namely home.

Next to the home page, save changes go back to the menus under appearance under pages click on view all to see all the available pages and select home, cart and shop, add them to the menu and arrange them in the right order, save menu, and we go to the front end to view the result, this shows us the home page, which is naturally empty, as we didn’t create anything on it. What we are interested in is is to test the item links in the header, namely our shop and cart. Let’s open an incognito window for the test copy, the URL first and then open the incognito window, paste the URL and we are back at the home page click on shop, which gives us our shop page with all our products nicely displayed card. And this says your card is currently empty, as we had not added anything to our cart. Yet note that I didn’t add the checkout page, as this is not necessary to add to the menu as the customer needs to go through the cart process.

First, before coming to the checkout page, believe it or not, you are now ready to begin building your own online e-stores. In this starter video series on Brizy WooCommerce, we tackled everything that you’ll need to set up the store. Now, what awaits you is the Brizy welcomer’s builder. This is a pro feature with the Brizy WordPress plugin that allows you to build out the store product, pages, archives and other pages. The way you want them to look check out the videos for Brizy WooCommerce builder to learn how you can take everything.

What we’ve done here and construct your own online store the Brizy way. Naturally, there are still many things for you to learn about WooCommerce. That will help to enrich your store building experience with the Brizy WooCommerce builder, so make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel and catch up from time to time on new tutorials, we release to help you towards the online store of your dreams.

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