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Lesson 09


When customers buy goods from you online, they need to pay you somehow for those goods. The method through which they pay is called the payment gateway. This is something you need to set up in Brizy WooCommerce, but be warned, though there are many different payment gateways. Some are made by WooCommerce and many exist as third-party plugins you could get lost in choosing a suitable payment gateway. So make sure you do some research to understand which payment gateways are the most appropriate for you.

We are going to set up a very simple manual payment method from the back-end go to Brizy WooCommerce settings and select payments. Four payment methods are installed by default. Direct bank transfer, which is the standard electronic fund, transfer check payments. Where someone sends you a physical check as payment cash on delivery and then PayPal before you toggle any of these on, you first need to set them up. For our example, we will do direct bank transfer click, setup check, enable bank transfer and type in a description.

There is already some standard text saying make your payment directly into our bank account. Please use your order Id as the payment reference. Your order will not be shipped until the funds have cleared in our account. This description helps the customer to understand the payment method. If you have more detailed instructions such as who to email, the proof of EFT then add that here in the instructions.

Finally, add your banking details, save changes remember now to enable it and click save changes, let’s go through the process and see how this will look when the customer gets to the checkout page, go to pages all pages and select view from the shop page choose the yellow sweater load it to your cart and view cart. We still have the blue cardigan from the previous order session stored, leave that and click on proceed to checkout fill in your details as a customer and then click place order and there you go notification of order received, as well as the banking details for the customer to complete payment, like I mentioned before, this is a very basic way of arranging payment online and not the preferable one. As customers may decide not to submit payment, and then you lose the sale, you will want to tie them in immediately via more solid method. Like PayPal or Stripe, or a gateway suitable for your country, Brizy WooCommerce has a lot of native, develop payment gateways to accommodate most countries around the world, go to marketplace payments and select, see all payments in the search, extensions field type in your country and have a look at what is available for you.

I used South Africa and naturally got PayPal as a good option and then another very popular one called pay fast. We do not cover these various payment gateways, but you’ll be able to find something suitable for your site and loads of help from the WooCommerce community.

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