Google Fonts through Bunny Fonts for Better GDPR Compliance

Google Fonts through Bunny Fonts for Better GDPR Compliance. Hi everyone JP here with Brizy and in this video. I want to share something with you that the team has been working on behind the scenes that, if you didn’t look for it, you wouldn’t know it, and even if you looked for it, you wouldn’t find it, and that is funny fonts, it’s a cute name, but It does a big job when you work within Brizy and you work with fonts every time you want to bring in a new font. That’s not already listed here. You click on, add new font. You will see that you have the option to bring in any of those great free fonts from Google, but for many people there’s a little concern about this, and that is that there is a little bit of tracking going on behind the scenes when we use these Fonts directly from Google, it’s not the end of the world, but for many it does matter to get to that super GDPR compliance.

If you don’t know what GDPR is, go read a little bit about it, because it’s very important – and it may be super important in you – live now to help you achieve better compliance. What we are doing now is that we’re not pulling those fonts any more directly from Google, but we’re running it through bunny fonts. So what bunny fonts essentially does? Is it pushes your privacy to the next level by getting your fonts from bunny fonts? We are preventing.

Third parties, from tracking your users – it is still Google fonts, it’s not going to affect your website in any way, and your old and future websites will behave as expected. It’s just that extra level of security that you provide to your users check it out, go check out their website as well They have a number of other services and read more about money, fonts from me JP until next time.