Brizy WooCommerce Quick Start

Lesson 6

Duplicate Products

Go to products all products and hover with your cursor over the yellow sweater product below you’ll notice, the quick links and probably the most helpful. One of them is the duplicate option, click and this will duplicate the product and open it in the Brizy WooCommerce. Editor change the product name and then make changes to the description and short description. I’ll leave it for now, as it’s a demonstration. But let’s change the price at least to 199, with no sale price go to inventory, to change the Sku to a unique number and then make stock changes, change the product image and, let’s change a few of the tags as well, to differentiate a little between this one and the previous one publish and view it on the front end pretty neat.

Now, when you scroll to the bottom you’ll see that the yellow sweater product appears as a related product. Let’s create two more products. We go through the same steps like before all products. Duplicate and one more. Our store is billing out nicely and we’ve got four products listed and ready to be sold.

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