Brizy WooCommerce Quick Start

Lesson 03

Create 1st Product

Go to the back end of WordPress products and select all products, click on create product. This opens the very familiar legacy. WordPress, editor interface and again we are greeted by a very useful wizard guide. That’s going to guide us through everything we need to get our first product up and running right, so we start with the product name: yellow sweater. Then product description give as much detail about your product here as possible, i’ll paste, some random text and then select next.

If you don’t see the next tip scroll down and you’ll find it here next to product data. We have a few choices here and, if you are selling physical goods like we are doing, you’ll mostly just go with the simple product option then check whether it’s a virtual product like video training, lessons or consulting sessions or downloadable like music or software. In our case, it’s neither so we leave both unchecked time to put a price to our product. We add both the normal price and then also the sale price as we are currently offering the product at a nice discount at regular price. We enter 299 299 note here that it’s set in USD currency at the moment.

That is good, if you’re in the us or using a payment system that requires USD. But if you are using a different currency, I’ll show you in a later video where to change it under that we add the sale price of 190. The wizard tips will then jump to the short description, which is a very short description. You give off the product I’ll type here, a very short description for the product, so that we can easily spot this once we view the product on the front end next set a product image, and this we do the normal WordPress way by selecting it from the media library or dropping it onto the page, click on set product image next part is about tags. Tags are useful to enable easy navigation for grouping of similar product features.

We add winter sweater and warm categories are next, as we are working with clothing. Think of a main category you’ll want to place your product under here i’ll simply go for female, denoting that under this category, you’ll only find female clothing and ta-da. We are ready to publish our first product click, publish preview, changes and have a look at how displays on the front end not looking bad. We have all the components we saw in the introduction, video, our product title product price, the short description, the product image, category and tags, and under that the long description as well as a place to write the review now with our first product listed. You may wonder why this layout and display of our product is so much different to the one I had shown you in the very first video, let’s find out.

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