Brizy WooCommerce Quick Start

Lesson 08

Cart & Checkout Pages

Go to pages all pages and click on view for the shop page, let’s simulate a customer’s experience which will introduce you to the cart and checkout pages, both of which you can see here, choose blue cardigan and then add to cart. The product is now added to your shopping, cart, click on view card. This takes you to the cart page. The card page shows you all the products currently in your shopping cart. Here we only have one product in our shopping cart, namely the blue cardigan.

Just like the shop page, the cart page is created automatically for you by the WooCommerce wizard upon installation and running of the wizard next step. Click on proceed to checkout. This takes us to where you will fill in your billing details and pay for the products. This is the checkout page and just like the shop and cart pages, it’s created for us when running the WooCommerce wizard notice, though that it says here on the right sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your state. We haven’t yet set up a method for customers to pay us, so we will need to do that.

We call the payment method, the payment gateway and we’ll tackle that in the next video go back to the back end, select page all pages and just note all of the pages we’ve talked about, namely the shop page. The cart page and the checkout page all appear here how they look are all governed by the theme when using the Brizy WooCommerce builder, you have more control over how these pages look by building them out with Brizy, make sure to check out our video tutorials on how to work with the Brizy WooCommerce builder for WordPress.

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