Brizy WordPress And Brizy Cloud

Update And Save Status Indicator

Working within Brizy Cloud, you know that to save your page, you go down to the toolbar here on the bottom right hand corner and when you want to save you simply, click update or my preference is to use the shortcut key. Ctrl S command s very easy, very quick! You will note that once you have updated it, it appears greyed out. This indicator tells you that currently you are working in the latest save of your page. If you make any change after this, you will see that it will highlight again indicating that you have unsaved changes on your page as simple as just adding a space somewhere like let’s say I add a space here, you will see immediately it lights up again and then, if you want to save that change, simply Ctrl S command s, this is a great visual indicator as to what the current status of your page is remember, to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tutorials on how to’s and keeping up to date as to what is happening in the world of Brizy Cloud