Brizy WordPress And Brizy Cloud

Styling Sidebar And Shortcut

I think one of the biggest things we work for at Brizy is to make sure that your user experience is Carefree, that there is not much clutter on the interfaces and that it’s easy for you to find things with that. Certain functions are a little bit hidden and that’s usually styling and effects. If I want to add styling, for example, padding or margins, then what we do is to select the element and then from the options. Toolbar select the Cog that says settings in the past. There would be more settings here and since the latest updates, we have two options.

Now one is styling and one is effects. Now you click on styling. It opens the styling sidebar, where you have basic styling options like panning margin, the position you can set as well as rounded corners and then some advanced options here. You can then go ahead and apply the styling which you had wanted to apply to this element. To make it much easier, though, you can simply select the element that you want to style out and hit Ctrl M command M on your keyboard and that will open the sidebar to the styling tab, much easier than to go through three additional clicks.

And I think, even if you’re, not a shortcut user, this is a great shortcut that you have to remember so next time you want to add padding you want to add margins, remember, select the element, Ctrl M command m foreign as we bring out updates and new Features to Brizy it’s a good idea to subscribe to this YouTube channel so that you don’t lose out on the latest updates and what is happening in the world of Brizy until next time.