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Image Shape Mask PLUS a little extra…

Brizy WordPress & Brizy Cloud – Image Shape Mask PLUS a little extra. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good wherever you are JP here with Brizy and in this sneak peek, I want to show you a few new features on the image element. That’s going to blow your mind, two disclaimers one, that this is a work in progress. Everything may not always work the way we want it to work and then second disclaimer. It’s work in progress. It’s still in the future, so don’t expect it tomorrow or the week after that, give it a couple of months and then you’ll be able to play with this live.

Remember, if you want to test this when it comes out as a Beta release, sign up for the beta program at Brizy, what we’ll be looking at is the new shape for images and you’ve seen this probably elsewhere, I’m gonna show you how it is done. The Brizy way and really funky how you can even create patterns with that, because I can only show you a few little new sneak peeks here and there and now and again I want to show you more so watch the video all the way until the end and I’ll show you a little bit more on a extra feature for the image element, let’s jump into it, I’m going to bring in an image element and I’ll just drag it from here, drag and drop. Let’s make it a little bit bigger, select it and I will grab this image over here, say, select and now notice that we have a mask feature that appears here. If I select mask currently it’s set to none and now look at that. You should have a good idea of where we are going with this one click on the circle and it’s a circle, but not quite yet, and if you click on it now you can drag in and you’re like.

Ah, but I want a perfect circle, I have no fear Bobby and Sally very easily done. Let’s go back to the image settings, select, mask and then under size where it says fill you select fit wonderful. Now, if I drag down, you will see it remains that circle. Here is another cool feature with it: let’s select it again, let’s go to the image and of course now you can move around the focus selector to make sure that what you want in focus will appear in focus, and I can zoom in if I want Jason’s face here there we go: isn’t that just awesome, let’s snap back to mosque and I’ll just decrease this a little bit, so we have more real estate to play around with go to the mask, and now you can also see that we have position for centre. If I want it at the top of the container of this column – or I can put it at the bottom and in those cases where we actually reduce it like so now, I can go to the mask again and I can put it to the centre left.

Centre right, there’s so many options here: let’s keep it on fit and I’ll go to position and I’ll put it centre. So we can play it nicely with it. Look at this feature, though, here repeat: aha, but before we get to that, let’s look at other shapes that you can play around with and remember all of these are set to fit, so they will fit the constraints of the container, which is in most cases the column really nice features here and then look at the bottom custom, but we’re not gonna look at that today. Let’s close this out and I’ll put it back on circle for now, and then what I want you to see is this repeat feature So currently you have this repeat and when I put that it’s going to repeat it within the container and this becomes truly funky When I go to size – and I select custom – oh what’s going on here – currently set to percentage, but you can also put it on pixels. Let’s leave it on percentage and as I drag it down, look at this cool effect that I’m creating.

That is so awesome and super cool. You can go ahead if you want to and change the color so that it can maybe blend in a little bit. This is our overlay. So let’s go like that and then for the column. That’s probably where we want to go and change the color background.

Let’s put it on this. Blue white and Jason’s eyes are totally missed out here. So what we’ll do is we’ll just move it a little. Oh there we go cool, little feature right and that’s the shapes and all you can do with the shapes and the filters. But what about that?

Little extra! I want to show you, let’s bring in another image, and this one is going to make a lot of people smile from Monday to Sunday. Let’s select this, and I want you to look at the default box that I’m showing you there. What do you see? That is different, let’s load the image now load, this image stand and then look over here hover.

Now we have this in backgrounds for columns. Now we have it for images as well, which means you can have two images, one in your default state and one for the hover state and because you can link anything, it makes it a great way to show people that something can be clicked. Let’s get rid of Stan because he cannot be in every photo and then we bring in his colleagues that usually don’t go out with him at night and now look at that voila. Maybe you’ve seen a few more things in there that I haven’t seen. But this is just the image element alone.

That’s getting a steroid super upgrade. That’s probably illegal lots of other stuff still coming stick around in the next few weeks and months as I show you all the goodies that the team is working on. I hope I still have a job until next time go well and stay safe, [, Music, ] good morning good afternoon, good evening and a good wherever you are JB here with Brizy and in this sneak peek video. I want to show you something on what the developer team is working on. Let me get rid of this guy.