Brizy WordPress And Brizy Cloud

Rotate Elements in Stories

Brizy WordPress And Brizy Cloud – Rotate Elements in Stories. The story editor is a horse of a different color and, having said that, I wonder if you have seen yet on this slide within the story. What is very different here to the normal Brizy Builder, and that is this text that we have running vertically here on the side, let me show you how you can rotate any element within the story. Editor, let’s create a new slide I’ll say, create your own and we’ll just show you how you can go about bringing in text and then making it rotate open the add elements drawer and simply click on text and that will drop in some dummy text in the middle triple click, to select everything and I’ll say my text goes here and let’s style it out a little bit, making it bigger a little bit bolder and now, let’s also reduce the letter, spacing a bit, let’s put it in all caps. What I want to do now is, I want to have it run vertically here on the side on the left to do that, go to the settings in the toolbar styling and then within the starting sidebar on the right select Advanced, and here you will see rotate you can type in there 90 degrees and it will drop it to this direction and if you want the opposite of that 270 degrees, now I can simply click and drag it to the and drag it to where I want it to go. You are not confined.

Only to those two values you can type in any value or grab the slider and drag it to the exact position that you want it to go. This doesn’t only apply to ticks. So if I go to add elements, let’s bring in an image drop the image there, let’s upload something quickly and I’ll put it on original. Let’s move it a little bit to the middle and then go to our settings advance you see. I can rotate that as well and that’s how you go about rotating any element within Brizy stories.