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Reorder Slides in Block Slider

One of the features we’re very proud of at Brizy and that differentiate Brizy from a lot of other builders out there is our block slider. This is not a tutorial on how to set up the block slider and make it work nicely, but what we want to show you here is how you can manage the slides and how you can reorder them in case you bring in new, slides and then later on you want to change the position within the block slider. I’ve got a block slider here with three slides, and we know that by the three little dots we have here at the bottom and the position of the slide is indicated by which of the dots, the navigation dots are highlighted. So this is slide one. If I click on this one slide two, and you see I aptly named them by the numbers and then of course the last one is slide.

Three. How it works in the block slider is that, whichever one is selected will add a new slide when you do so so I’ll keep it here on slide too. Now I go to to the settings of the block and then simply click on duplicate and once you’ve turned it into a slider. It’s not going to duplicate the block. It’s going to duplicate the slide.

I click on that and now you will notice that I’ve got four dots, but that slide, I just duplicated, isn’t at the end. It is after slide 2, which means, if I click on the third one, I’m going to see again that it is slide 2, because it’s a duplication of slide. 2 What I wanted, though, was for this slide to be at the end and be slide 4.. Let’s first change the name, otherwise we’re gonna get super confused and I’ll.

Just also put that in a nice Orange and now, how do we move this slide to the end, with the reorder feature? No sweat go to the block settings and over here with these little arrows. That’s where we’re going to move them to the left or to the right, and because we want this one one position over to the right: we simply click on move right now you will see dot 3 is active with slide 3 and if I click on slide or the dot, then I get slide. 4..

Very, very simple: if you had many slides, this is really a time saver. Otherwise you had to redo everything. Now it’s simply go to our settings. Left right, left right and get it into the places you want it to be remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you can stay up to date with the latest in Brizy, WordPress and Brizy Cloud until next time.