Brizy WordPress And Brizy Cloud

Rating Scale Selection

Placing a rating element on your page is a great addition to showcasing your products and services, and we have two scales that you can choose from within Brizy. This goes for WordPress and Brizy Cloud here. I have a few products on my Carpenter website and what I’ll do is from the elements sidebar I’ll grab my rating element drag it and I’ll drop it here at the top. Let’s make a few changes, I’ll style it to the left, I’ll remove the label.

So I only can see the stars and then let’s also go and change the color of the stars, so it can fit my background. Let’s make it a little bit bigger for the purposes we have here icons and then we go to 32 much better now. This is the five-star rating which in most cases, are going to be more than sufficient for you. You don’t really want more than that and you can adjust it here. The value of you know what the product rating is, with the rating slider all the way up to five.

If, in those cases where you work with something a little bit more on a sensitive scale, and you need a wider range, then from the rating scale Dropbox, you select the 0 to 10 And there is nothing to it. One gives you all the way to five and the other one gives you all the way to 10. for more news updates, better releases and tutorials on Brazil make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel until next time.