Brizy WordPress And Brizy Cloud

Pages & Post Publish/Draft Status Badges

Brizy Cloud Pages & Post Publish/Draft Status Badges. Let’s have a look at what the published draft display batch is all about in Brizy Cloud. I’ve got my page here and if I go to my dashboard in the CMS you’ll see, I’ve got quite a number of pages here, and the one thing you will observe is that, under the link we have these little dots or badges next to each one, and this one is green and that one is a amber orange kind of color. What does this mean? If I click on this one that says Euro zero? Six five you’re going to see that within the page settings and options that it says published with the green dot?

If I go back – and I select this one that says countdown EX here – it will show draft and it will show the ember, and that tells you what the bench is all about. Every page that appears in green is a page that has been published and is live and people can access it, and those that are in amber are still in draft. It’s a great way as an indicator to show you what is draft and what has been published.