Brizy WordPress And Brizy Cloud

Infinite Animation

Brizy WordPress And Brizy Cloud – Infinite Animation. A recent feature that was added to animation is the infinite repeat: option animation can be applied to any element, I’ll use it here on this text element, go to the options and then select effects, and you will see animation, which is entrance animation under effects. Alternatively, let’s deselect click on the element and then hit Ctrl command K on your keyboard and that’s going to open the entrance or animation sidebar automatically for you. Let’s do this one here bounce and you will see it – does a quick bounce there looking down here at the options of the bounce element, you will see now that the option of infinite animation appears I’ll toggle it on and what’s going to happen now. Is that boy is just gonna keep bouncing?

This is great if you want something to stand out and really grab the attention, like click here, click here, but in most other cases it’s not going to be that amazing.

Let’s see how it will work on the others, we select fade and you will see it will keep fading all the time like crazy same for rotate, rotate rotate, and you can imagine that’s how it’s going to work for the race. It’s a very quick infinite animation, but it is really something that can pop out something that you can even consider using actually on a pop-up for more tutorials on Brizy.