Brizy WordPress And Brizy Cloud

Gallery Images Reorder

The gallery element is a pro element in the Brizy Pro builder, for both Brizy cloud and Brizy WordPress, and we are continuously making changes to this element and some great new features coming for it in the future. At this moment, I want to just show you how you can go ahead and change the images location within a gallery, and this happens sometimes that you don’t really have control over where they fall, especially when you start messing around with the height of the images and then they start jumping around not to the location that you originally had wanted them in now this lady over here at the call centre. Let’s say we wanted her at the very end of this gallery section to do that. Select the image that you want to move and you will see from the toolbar options you have those two little Chevrons, the one to the left and the one to the right and that’s how you’re going to move it select right and there you go very easy. Let’s say we want to move her over to the left, click on this one and we move we keep moving, and if we see she doesn’t go in the bottom.

That means based on the height of that image. We keep jumping her until we get her to that point. Where we want now based on the height, you will need to go and make a few Arrangements, because currently, this masonry format that we have here doesn’t look really good. But this gives you control over where the images within the gallery Falls. If you needed to move them around for more tutorials and updates on Brizy cloud and Brizy WordPress