Brizy WordPress And Brizy Cloud

Columns Reorder

Currently, you have two options in Brizy if you want to reorder columns – and I refer to them as the traditional way and the new way, let’s first have a look at the traditional way. I have this information section on this website and will work with these four columns at the top. I’ve named them column, one two three and four now after I’ve done all of that, I realised that actually everything I’ve done here in column. Four, I want to have that between column, one and column. Two, that’s why I numbered them so that we don’t get lost here.

The traditional way is, click hold, drag and let go, and we do that by going to the column handlebar in the top right hand, corner click on it and hold, and now, when you drag, you will see that it turns into a blue little dot and your whole page lights up with these little lines, wherever you see a line when you’re dragging an element, that is an indicator that you can drop that element there. We want to just rearrange the columns and therefore we only follow the blue lines. You will see the ones between the columns and wherever we drop it on the blue line like the this one between column, one and column, two, it will shuffle it into that position. Now we have a column, one column, four column, two column, three, I’m going to undo that and to undo you can select undo here in the bottom options: toolbar or use the shortcut key, Ctrl, Z, command Z, which I’m going to do and we’re back to our state where we started the easier way now is to simply select the column, and you will see from the options toolbar. We have these arrows to move it to the left and to the right now with the column selected.

Let’s click to move it one over to the left and you see column four has moved and column. Three is now at the end, use this more controlled way. If you want to move the columns around or choose the traditional one of simply grabbing the handle and dragging the column into the position, you want it to go for more tutorials on Brizy, both WordPress Brizy and Brizy Cloud make sure you subscribe here to our YouTube channel until Next time.