Brizy WordPress And Brizy Cloud

Change the All Tag text for the

Accordion Element

One option you have within the accordion element is to change the all tag to whatever text you wanted, but I think before we get there. Let me first show you a little bit what tags are? You may not know what they are or where they are within the accordion element. What their purpose is. I’ve got a very simple accordion here and often we use accordions for frequently asked questions, FAQs or support areas where you have all that info.

Hidden people go question. Two and they click on it, and it reveals the answer just to save up some space now here with this accordion, I have the option. When I select on a specific field within this accordion, let’s just click there, and then you go to the accordion options in the options. Toolbar all the way to the left, and you will see that from the pop-up menu we have tags here now. Tag is a category just call it a category.

This is connected to Brizy Cloud, so I will call this one cloud and the moment I do that up here, pops, the tags, one is all and one is Brizy cloud and you kind of have an idea of where we’re going with this I’ll select question two: let’s do the same, let’s go to tags and this one will relate to Brizy WordPress and there WordPress pops up as well. Let’s go to question three, and now we make this one also Brizy WordPress, and if you’re going to use, often ones with the same tag, it’s easy. If you just copy that, then you don’t have to do this and make sure that your spelling is correct. Let’s call this one Brizy cloud and then, when we get to this one, let’s call this one something different themes like maybe for third parties or something like that, and we have one more. Let’s call this one Brizy WordPress again so that we have a few more to filter through and the last one I’m going to set this one and let’s call this translation doesn’t make any sense.

I have no idea where I’m going with this, but you have a concept of how the accordion works. So if I select Brizy Cloud it’s going to filter me question one and four and then Brizy WordPress gives me questions two three and six and then themes only one and translation in many cases, with an accordion you’re not going to use the tags you’re just going to have A few there and then you really don’t need this, but if it’s pretty lengthy, you have a lot. Tags are a great way to filter through it and to give your user quick access to the information they need, and that brings us actually to the Crux of this video, and that is the all tab. Now these guys, here, their names, are set by what you type in within this field under the tabs for tag. In the event, though, that maybe you don’t want the word all here, maybe you want something different everything Brizy, then it’s as simple as that the Brizy way click on it, select it and type in what you want, and you can see from here.

You also have the option to go ahead and style everything out and that’s how you change the old text for the accordion