Brizy WordPress And Brizy Cloud

Add Icons to the Toggle in the Switcher Element

Brizy WordPress And Brizy Cloud – Add Icons to the Toggle in the Switcher Element. A very standard feature or component that you will find on websites is a toggle or switcher section like this one. We have here created with the Brizy Builder Pro switcher element, that’s available in Brizy WordPress and Brizy cloud and while it basically does it gives you option one with a lot of contents here done the busy way, which means that you can add any other elements in here and then, if you click up here on the switcher, it will give you option two often like a subscription or an annual model or a lifetime deal something in that vein. What you can now do with the switcher toggle option at the top, is that you can add an icon to it. If you wanted to add a little bit of visual display to it, select the one that you want to change and then you go all the way to the left where the switcher functions are, and you will find the icon here and now you simply go ahead And you select the icon that you want to insert when you do, that, you will notice that things look a little bit squashed and to give it a little bit more room, go to the settings in the options toolbar, and here you have the option for the width and you just give it that to add more Johnny, let’s go to this one on this side, same procedure and you add an icon. One thing you have to be aware of, and that is that you actually have two options: how to display your switcher toggle at the top.

If I select this one again and you go to the options, you will see that the style is this pill or that you have just like a a little one. There that you can switch between in this case notice that the naming as well as the icon has disappeared. This toggle works independently from the other one. So be aware of that. That, if you do this and you come to tab 1 and Tab 2 and you’ll have to change the text again and then from here again go to the icon and add the icon that you want to add for this one and that’s how you’re going to Be working with this version of the switcher element for all the ins and outs of the Brizy Builder, as well as news and updates to both Brizzy WordPress and Brizzy Cloud.