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Add a hyperlink to text

Brizy WordPress And Brizy Cloud – Add a hyperlink to text. Let’s have a look at how you can create a hyperlink or what is simply called the link within a text element understanding how the text element works and how you can select the entire text element or just parts of it is very important. I have a text element here and what I want to do is maybe just cite or quote something in here and then have people click on that, and it will take them to another site or another page where they can read more about that quotation or that Citation that I’ve put in the text, if you click on the text element, you will see in the options toolbar that we have the link option here and selecting it. It gives you four options in the Brizy Pro versions. You have the URL block file pop-up we’re going to focus on this link to so hyperlink, take us to another page or another website, I’ll type in their

That’s where I want them to go and you have the options. Naturally, if you want to open it in a new tab which I prefer and make it no follow the moment, you’ve added the link and you click outside side. You will see that there is an underlying option that appears now, and this is an indication that there is a hyperlink now embedded within the sticks, element applied to all the text. So if I had maybe two or three hyperlinks I wanted to insert in the sticks for different citations, it’s not going to work this way. What you need to do is that you need to select a certain part of the text.

So, let’s grab this text element here, I’ll interact with it by clicking it, and now I will select only the part that I want to be used for my hyperlink. I’ve highlighted it go to the link again and I can paste my link or type my link and you’ll see. It has only selected that part and Brizy also gives you the option that you can go in and also change the color only for this part, so that people can actually see that you indicate to them visually that this is a link and if they click on It it goes somewhere else, they can read more about it and it’s a few easy steps, adding a hyperlink to any part of your tech within a paragraph for more tutorials like this.