Brizy WordPress And Brizy Cloud

Accordion Fields Reorder

Working in an accordion – and you want to bring in new fields within the accordion is very simple. In this example, I want to bring in a new field between question two and question three to do that. Select the question after which you want the new one to appear in this case, question two and then select duplicate, and now you have a new entry there. So I can change this now to maybe question 2.1 or I’ll have to change the whole sequence depending on what it is that I have there within the accordion.

In the event, though, that you want to move these fields around and you want to put them in a different order, you have that option from the options toolbar when you select any of them. Let’s take question 7 here at the bottom: select it and move it all the way to the top. That is done here with these up and down arrow keys, and I simply select up up up and you see we move it all the way to the top and those that you want to move down. Well, let’s select question one move that one down down down as simple as that for more tutorials on Brizy cloud and Brizy WordPress make sure you subscribe.