Brizy WordPress 101

Lesson 04

Brizy Free vs Brizy PRO

In this lesson, we’ll discuss some of the key differences between Brizy Pro and Brizy free. Let’s start by taking a look at the free blocks and layouts that we have now Brizy ships with hundreds of great designs ready for you to start using those to get up and running super quickly so under blocks. We have hundreds of fantastic designs, broken down into various different sections. Heroes features contact those kinds of things. We’ve also got a light and dark version of all our designs, and we have multiple kits to choose from all with fantastic designs to start off with.

If you want something a little bit more though, and you want a full design, we could switch over to the layout section. Let’s quickly, just take a look at the free layouts. Currently you have 18 layouts, but more are being added with every revision of Brizy. So you’ll have fresh entries to create great looking designs. You also get an extensive collection of elements to build your pages.

We’ve got text buttons, icons, video all of the foundation tools that you need to start building your website, then, when you’re ready for more it’s time to take a look at Brizy Pro and all of the extra features that that brings with it. Now, once you purchase and install Brizy Pro, you open up a whole load of new features, including a great selection of additional blocks and layouts. So, for example, we may want to include a header, let’s go ahead and do that we’ll position it on our page. We’ll set this to be a global header and we’re going to use one of the great new features that we have inside Brizy Pro and that’s the ability to set conditions. We can now control exactly where this going to be included on our site.

More on this, a little later in its own separate lesson, another amazing feature of Brizy Pro is the ability to create our own custom pop-ups. Creating problems with Brizy couldn’t be easier. Not only do we have the full Brizy editor, we also have a range of great looking starter templates, which we can pull in from and use those to create great looking pop-ups now key component in any website are going to be forms and Brizy makes working with Forms incredibly easy: it gives us various different methods to connect and send emails. If you’re using the free version of Brizy, you only have WordPress. But if you have the pro version, you open up the SMTP and gmail options in the Pro version.

We also open up a lot of app integrations so connecting your form to your favorite email. Software is incredibly easy in Brizy Pro when you’re ready to take things even further, and you want to start working with dynamic templates cut your cabin on that one too. We can go ahead and create all kinds of dynamic templates for your single posts, your archives, all kinds of things or with the ease of use of the Brizy editor. Now these are just some of the great features that Brizy and Brizy Pro offer and throughout all the lessons in this series, I’ll, let you know when I’m using Pro only features.