Brizy WordPress 101

Lesson 03

Preview, Publish & Update

In this lesson, we’re going to take a look at how you can save preview and also put your pages or your designs into draft mode. Let’s start by taking a look at how you can preview the design that you’re currently working on. If we look in the bottom right hand corner we have this little taskbar, we have options to preview. We can click that will open a new tab up and show us exactly what our design is going to look like once you’ve finished previewing your design simply close. The tab down and then you go back to the editor itself when you’ve finished, building, editing or previewing your design and you’re ready to go ahead and save.

You can simply choose the option to update if it’s an existing design or click save. If it’s a new design, you can also switch any of the designs between draft and publish mode. Now, draft mode is the perfect option when you want to make changes to your design, but you don’t want anyone to see those changes on the front. End of your website to switch between the normal, publish mode and draft mode is very easy.

We simply come over to the little arrow on the right hand, side of our update button click and choose switch to draft. You can see that now gives us the option to save this draft and carry on making changes once we’re then happy with those changes and we’re ready for them to go live. We can simply click that pop-up arrow again and choose the option to publish page and then simply choose the option to update when we’re ready.