Brizy WordPress 101

Lesson 28

White Label 

In this lesson, we’re going to see how we can white label Brizy now it is worth noting that before you go any further, this is only available in the Pro Agency Plan of Brizy. Now this is perfect if you’re an agency – and you don’t want your client to know that you’re using Brizy as the editor for their website, but you still want to give them access. So how do we go about doing it? Now? It’s not immediately available inside the settings or anywhere else inside Brizy, so to access these options.

We simply go to the address bar and we just add this little bit of extra information to the end of our URL. Now, when we hit enter we’ll find we have new options, we have the white label option underneath the Brizy settings section. So, let’s open that up and inside there you can see. We’ve got some basic options where we can change things like the logo, the prefix, those kinds of things. Okay.

So, let’s make some really simple changes: let’s change the company name to something like WP test, we’ll change the prefix to the same WP, test and finally, we’ll just update the description as well. So we’ll have a front end page builder, by WP touch to help you create WordPress websites. Okay, and the final thing I want to do is just quickly go ahead and change the logo we’ll use this one. Okay, so you’ve made a couple of simple changes: let’s just save those and take a look at where they actually reflect on the site itself. First of all, if we take a look at the Brizy entry on the dashboard, you can see that now says WP test and we’ve got our logo.

That’s been replaced inside there. Next. If we open up the pages section inside there, you can see. Everything has now been created with WP tests and also edit now says edit with WP tests, as opposed to edit with Brizy also anywhere. We can actually create content using Brizy, for example, adding a new page.

You see now we have edit with WP text and our logo and, if we’re working on a page we’ve already created, we open that up. We now have edit with WP tests replacing the edit with Brizy button. And finally, if we hop back over into the plugins section, you’ll see that Brizy is no longer listed. Everything is listed with our re-branded white label version so, for example, WP text and WP text Pro you.