Brizy WordPress 101

Lesson 27

Brizy Sync

In this lesson, we’re going to take a look at how to get started with Brizy sync. Now Brizy sync is a really useful feature, especially if you want to build sites on one server or on the Brizy cloud, and you want to link any designs that you create to make them available anywhere that you log in to your Brizy account. So let me just demonstrate what I’m talking about, let’s say, for example, we, like the look of this section at the top. We can simply come over to the options in the top right hand, corner open those up and choose the little heart option. This will then allow us to save this now. The first thing we’re going to need to do the first time we kind of come and use.

This is log in to our account. So we’re going to do is we’re going to make sure that we log in with our Brizy account details. So once i pop my Brizy account details in I’m going to click on connect and now we’re all connected up between my site that I have on screen at the moment and my Brizy cloud account. So all I need to do now is go ahead and choose to save any of my sections or any of my entire layouts. So let’s take a look at the difference between the two of those.

Let’s say I like this hero section and I want to save this. All I need to do is come over to the section itself. Click on the little pop-up just choose the option to save this, and that’s basically, it we’ve now saved this section. The difference between saving a section and saving an entire layout just basically comes down to where you choose the option to save so each of the different sections we use the pop-out to save an entire layout. We simply come down to the little arrow to the right hand, side of the update button open that up and choose the option for save layout once you’ve done that that’s going to take a second or two that will then save that to our account and there We go all done so, let’s have a look at where our saved designs are actually located.

Let’s open up the option to see our browser so we’re going to click as if we’re going to add a new section and inside our browser we’re going to open up the save tab now inside there. If we take a look on the left hand, side, you’ll, see, we’ve got blocks and we’ve got layouts. This is where we can see what’s organised into the different types of templates, so we open up the layouts. You can see there’s our entire page layout. If we look at the blocks, there’s just our hero section, so we can see these are now saved.

So all we need to do is go ahead and click on sync now and that will now synchronise our blocks and layouts with the Brizy server. So next we’re going to open up a Brizy cloud site and we’re going to see how we access these saved templates. I’ve gone ahead, created a new Brizy cloud project and we’ve opened up a page ready to take a look. So, let’s click to start building, let’s open up our saved section and if we see there’s our block, there’s our layout. So now we can simply go ahead.

Choose this. I insert this into our design as easy as that, so Brizy sync is a great way of being able to access files that you want to work on on different websites anywhere. You want to connect up to your Brizy cloud account you have access to these Brizy synced files and templates