Brizy WordPress 101

Lesson 26


In this lesson, we’re going to talk about keyboard shortcuts now getting to know the keyboard shortcuts in Brizy really can help speed up the process of building your websites and, when you’re ready to find out what those keyboard shortcuts are. We can use the command or control and the question mark and that will open up all the keyboard shortcuts and a nice visual representation on our screen. So you can see this is all the shortcuts we currently have available to us. So, let’s try some of these out: let’s kick things off with some of the most useful ones, the undo and redo options. So, let’s close this panel down and let’s just make some changes – let’s say you put an exclamation point at the end of our heading and we’ll click outside there.

If we want to undo this, we can use control or command and z, and you see that now undo it and we want to redo what we’ve just done. We can use control or command shift and z, and that will redo it pretty simple, but can be a huge time saver. Another thing you want to do quite often when you check into designs, is to switch between the various different responsive modes. We can do that directly inside you with keyboard shortcuts. We can use the control or the command and plus to go forwards and control or command and minus to go backwards through the various different responsive modes.

Again, really quick and easy a great time saver. Now, when you’re creating designs inside Brizy, one of the things you’re going to be doing a lot is adding in new sections, whether from a template, design or as a blank. Well, a quick and easy way of doing that with a keyboard shortcut is to use, control or command shift and a you see that opens up the browser. We can go ahead now and choose from any of the pre-designed or we can create our own and that’s just an example of some of the keyboard shortcuts. We can use super simple, really really useful, so I recommend checking those out learning them and getting up to speed with creating things even quicker inside the Brizy editor