Brizy WordPress 101

Lesson 25

Maintenance Mode

In this lesson, we’re going to take a look at the maintenance page and the coming soon page and how we can set those up inside Brizy. Now there are going to be times when you’re, either building a new website or making changes to a website. You don’t want it to be online, it makes sense to have a maintenance page when you’re doing maintenance and a coming soon page for a new site. That’s due to be released quite soon. So how do we go about setting that up?

It’s very easy. First things. First, you just simply need to create a page for either your maintenance or you’re coming soon or for both and once you’ve done that we’re going to go ahead and set this up inside Brizy itself. So we’re going to go into Brizy into settings and inside there we’re going to go to the maintenance mode tab, and this allows us to choose between three different modes. Currently it’s set to disabled, but we can choose between disabled coming soon and maintenance.

Now I’ve just created a normal page inside Brizy and named it maintenance and created a really simple design. So I’m going to select the maintenance page in this example. Once we do that, you can see it opens up some extra options to us. Obviously, we don’t want to keep everybody locked out if we’re an administrator. We want to be able to access the dashboard of our WordPress website to make changes, so we can set up who can access the actual site itself.

So apparently it’s saying logged in, but we can choose between logged in and custom logged in, as its name would suggest, if you’re logged into the account you’ll have access to the website and you can start to make changes. Custom, on the other hand, allows us to choose exactly what role we want to allow to be able to access the website. So if you have multiple different users, editors, authors, contributors and so on, you can set who can access the site when they are logged? In with the relevant user role just for ease, let’s set this back to logged in okay. Before we take a look at the chooser page, let me just quickly go over what the whitelisted IP addresses actually means.

Now there are going to be times where you may be sharing a design with a client, and you don’t want to set up a user account for them. You could white list their IP address and they would then be able to access the site while anybody that’s either not logged in or doesn’t have the right credentials will still see your maintenance or coming soon page. So that’s all that really is there for, but it’s very useful. So finally, let’s just go ahead and select the page that we want we’ll open this up and I’ve already created my maintenance page using normal Brizy tools. There’s our maintenance mode page I’ll, select that and we’ll hit save changes.

So once we enable maintenance mode, you’ll see we now get a banner at the top of our page in our dashboard telling us that we have maintenance mode enabled so we’ve always got a visual representation to tell us that the site isn’t live. Finally, let’s just open up an incognito window and take a look at our maintenance mode, page, let’s drop in the URL for our site and there’s our maintenance mode page we’re not logged in so we see the maintenance mode. So pretty cool and very easy to do. And finally, if you choose to use the coming soon mode, everything else is exactly the same. The only difference is you choose a different design for your page, so you can see choosing coming soon, nothing changes.

We still have access to logged in users or custom. We still got the option to choose the page and finally, we still have the white listed IP addresses and that’s all there is to working either coming soon or maintenance.