Brizy WordPress 101

Lesson 15

Membership Blocks

In this lesson, I’m going to show you the basics of getting started with the membership feature in Brizy Pro. Now this is great if you want to create a membership site where you want to restrict content to various different user roles. So let me show you the basics of how to do that. We’ve got a course creation website and I’ve got a section on here that i only want logged in users to see so. We’ve got this video section.

All we need to do is select the section by using the pop-up in the top right hand, corner and click the very first icon inside there we’ve got the option to set membership once we enable that we can now choose exactly who can see this particular section. So, for this example we’ll expand this and say we only want to show customers we’ll select that option. If we want to add more different user roles into this, we can do exactly that. So you can simply click and add any more user roles that you want for this example, though, we’ll keep it simple and set it to be just for the customers now Brizy gives us a really easy and quick visual reminder for any section that is set to be a membership section. If you look in the top right of the pop-out bar you’ll, see we get this little blue symbol that denotes the fact.

This is a membership based section, so this just makes it really quick and easy to visually see exactly what section on any design is set up to be a membership based section. Okay, so we’ve done the first one. We’ve set this to only be available to customers. Let’s scroll down to this little section that I’ve created where anybody that’s not logged in and isn’t a customer can see that there’s this information to buy a premium version. So all we need to do is basically exactly the same thing.

We’ll choose the first icon and inside there we’re going to set this to be a membership based section and now we’re going to select to show this to anybody. That’s not logged in and we’d also set this up now to any other user roles we want. So, for example, shop managers, contributors, authors and editors once you’ve done that we’ve basically set up everything that we need now, let’s go ahead, save our page and test it out so to test things. Let’s open up an incognito window and we’ll see you drop in the link to our page. So now, if we scroll down we’re not logged in, we can’t see the video.

We just get our little message to tell us. We can go premium and log in now. So now we’ve seen how this will hide that video based upon the fact that you’re not logged in and you’re, not a customer, let’s go ahead and log in now as a customer and see exactly what happens so again, I’m in the incognito boat, we’re going to click login on my demo test user and now that we’re logged in if we scroll down there’s our video and you see the message to log in or to create a membership account are both hidden now. While this is a really simplistic example, it should demonstrate just how easy it is to start to create your own custom membership sites using Brizy