Brizy Cloud

Duplicate Pages And Posts

Duplicating a page or a post within your Brizy Cloud projects, AKA websites cannot be easier. Let’s go to the dashboard which is accessed through the CMS hamburger menu here, in the top left hand, corner to duplicate a page, make sure you have selected pages and then select the page which in this case I just have one which is the home page and click on it, this will bring you into the settings for that page and here in the bottom, you will see the option to duplicate, select it and for a moment it may look as if nothing had changed but observe that now it says page title home copy and also your slug is home dash copy. Here you need to change it to the page. You want to call it, so I will call this maybe home 2. If I want to do an A B kind of testing and then remember to save the changes.

If you don’t do this, what I’ve just shown you by changing the page title and click on save changes, and you click on back your only going to see home. We have, though, duplicated that page called it Home 2 and there it is same for posts. Let’s go to the dashboard, select blog and you will see. I have one post here which I’ve named the post: zero zero one same thing like before: click on the post then select duplicate here at the bottom and then you will see now we have that extension called the copy. I’m going to call this post 002 and you see the slug will update, switch out the featured image.

Add a new excerpt click, save changes, and now, when you click back you’re going to see, you have your two posts.