Brizy Cloud And Brizy WordPress

Strikethrough Text

Brizy Cloud And Brizy WordPress – Strikethrough Text. In a very very few events, you’re ever going to use the text strikethrough and I’m going to show you an example, probably where you can use the strikethrough. So what is strikethrough? If I select this text element over here and I go to the options toolbar, you will see, we have the option here to strike and as I select it, it will apply it only to this part of the text element because we have a enter return on these lines, and every time you do that within the Brizy Builder, you effectively create a new text element within the text element. If you only want to apply this stripe to a certain part of this, you need to select it I’ll click on it again, I’ll, go and select it and then select strikethrough and now you’ve applied it to only a certain part of that sentence. Now those rare case scenarios that I’ve talked about where you’re probably going to use.

It is where you have a price discount, and you really want to show people that this price is not valid anymore and that there’s a new price. Here. I have a price that was at 199 and now going at 146 and we can select the 199 and strike through. That makes it very visual that this price is no longer applicable, and now it’s at a discount of 146 For more tutorials like this to learn more about the Builder Brizzy cloud and Brizzy WordPress make sure to subscribe.