Brizy Cloud And Brizy WordPress

Stories Autoplay and Progress Bar Indicator

Brizy Cloud And Brizy WordPress – Stories Autoplay and Progress Bar Indicator. Whether you are using Brizy, WordPress or Brizy Cloud free or Brizy Pro you get access to Brizy’s stories, which is an Instagram style story, feature that you can use to really attract more people to your website. I’ve used it quite a number of time and during the covet period, when you had visited many restaurants, this is a good place where you probably would like to use a story, because people can just scan a QR code and go to an easy menu with a story set up, but let’s talk about the autoplay feature as well as the progress bar here. I have a typical story. This is a little bit about fashion and you get the idea of what the story is. It is predominantly made for mobile devices.

As you can see, I can click on the left and right to move through it. I can also use my finger gestures, which is swipe to move through it also at the top. You have this slide indicator and you can click on that also to cycle through them and to a specific slide. If you want to go there jumping back into the editor, and this is going to work exactly the same for Brizy cloud and Brizy WordPress, we access the settings of the story up here in the top right hand corner, and here where you see the play icon, We click on that and that will activate auto play you can set the speed for each slide in three seconds is pretty good and if you’re so inclined, you can also decide to Loop. It I’m confident you know, what’s going to happen when we set it to loop so for this example, I’m just going to untoggle it so that we can work with the autoplay as well as the progress indicator, control command s to save our work.

Go back to my display here, and I will just refresh this store story, so you can see how it will work in the autoplay. So two things to observe here, first of all, is that it takes three seconds per slide. Then it goes to the next slide. Perfect and then, as we go through the slides at the top, you will see that with these slide, selectors there’s also that progress indicator. Now I didn’t put it on Loop, so it goes all the way.

Let’s start it again at the very beginning and there it goes because I’ve already played through it once I haven’t put it on Loop. Now it’s going to activate like normal, but you can see that three seconds bar indicator at the top. This is a great way if you are promoting something and you want to or to play it, then you just hit it on autoplay set the amount of seconds and then there’s that indicator for people to understand how long they have to sit through this and with The option that they can skip to other slides if they want to get there quicker. I love stories and I think a lot of people overlook this often within Brizy Builder. It’S something you should check out and be creative on how you can use it for more ideas and creative tips on how to use Brizy Builder, make sure to subscribe and remember to visit us at Brizy.