Brizy Cloud And Brizy WordPress

Jump And Link to Stories Slide from any link element

Brizy Cloud And Brizy WordPress –Jump And Link to Stories Slide from any link element. Let’s talk about the link to slide option that you get in Brizy stories and remember Brizy stories you can get in Brizy Cloud, Brizy WordPress for both free and Pro with a few limitations for the free version. Like you, don’t get all those snazzy nice pre-made templates that you get within the Brizy Pro version with a few free. I have a story here and my final slide has the sign up form for people who want to receive my newsletter. However, in the event where I want to create a link to this slide earlier on, so that people can jump through the story and get to this lead generation area quicker, I can add a link like I would do in anything within Brizy through a button or something that can link in this case, I will use a button, so I’ll, go to add elements and simply click on button no need to drag, and the button appears there now in this case, I already have text over it, so I won’t be able to access the button so I’ll just move the text, grab the button and then click and drag it down and then I’ll just re-center this one a little bit click and drag now in case you didn’t know sizing a button in the story. Editor is super convenient.

You simply grab the handles and you can drag it to any size. You want no need to enter any values there and then, let’s just drag it a little bit and then I’ll say here newsletter and let’s take away the icon. And now I will go to the link, option, click on link and you will see it says, URL and then slides, as well as a file option. This event we’re going to choose, slides and then the slide number well. This is one two three four five.

Six. Seven, so this is slide number seven and that’s it before. I continue remember even things like text. Wherever you see the link element, you can do that and you can set it to the slide. It will jump to effectively creating a jump link to a jump slide.

Control command s to save our work, and now I will go to the front end and I have it here: let’s refresh this one, so we can get that button in there and now, when I click on newsletter, you will see it jumps to the last slide And that’s how you can add a link to slide to any linkable element within the Brizy story editor.