Brizy Cloud 101

Lesson 09

Brizy Free vs PRO

In this video we’re going to take a look at some of the key differences between the free Brizy cloud account and the paid Pro account. First of all, you can see that we get quite a lot with the free version unlimited sites on a sub domain. Up to 50 000 monthly visits with a basic CDN and SSL certificate included, you’ve got the basic building tools and 40 plus free designs to choose from. However, if you go for the premium features, as you can see, you get an awful lot more. So, let’s go ahead and log into a dashboard and take a look at the differences between the free and the Pro accounts.

So, first of all, let’s take a look at the templates. The blocks, those kinds of things: let’s open this up. If we take a look on the left hand side now, we’ve got everything broken down into the styles, the light and dark all the different categories and additional options inside the blocks through kit, 1 and kit, 2. You can see we’ve got different variations in each one of those. Now, if we take a look into the categories, you can see the free ships with 335 currently three blocks.

If we look at all categories, we get over 500.. If you take a look at the layouts, for example, again, you can see things have broken down the left-hand side and we currently have 23 free total, complete layouts from single page to multiple pages perfect for starting point for websites. If you go ahead and take a look at the elements inside there, you can see, we have a great selection under the free account. Anything with a little red dot in the corner is a Pro only element, so you can see by upgrading to Pro you get additional options inside the elements panel.

Another key difference is when working with fonts. If we go and take a look at the font options, we can choose to add a new font in in the free version. We can add any google font with the Pro version. We can go ahead and upload our own custom fonts. Another key feature that ships with the Pro version is ability to create global alerts and pop-ups to access that you should come to the CMS menu in the top left hand corner and inside there you can see.

We have pop-ups and alerts, and you can see this gives us a Pro only feature warning. We have access if we have the Pro account to all the different features: pre-designed layouts, all those kinds of good things now when it comes to working with forms. This is a Pro only feature, you’ll see if we select the button and take a look at the integrations to send email notifications or work with any of the applications, Mailchimp and so on. These are Pro based features, and the final key feature i want to highlight that separates pro from free is the ability to create custom fields and custom assets. You’ll see if we come into the CMS menu.

One more time create custom assets is locked into the Pro version, so again, another great feature, but you do need Pro to access that as that’s. Some of the key feature, differences between the free version of Brizy cloud and the Pro version of Brizy cloud.