Brizy Cloud 101

Lesson 06

Builder Overview

In this lesson, I’m going to give you a bird’s-eye view of the Brizy cloud editor. So when you log into Brizy cloud, you can create projects, you can create pop-ups, you can create stories or you can edit one. You previously created we’ll take a look at creating projects in a separate video for now, let’s go ahead and edit a project I’ve already created, we’ll click, the edit project option that will launch the project open the page up and allow us to start working on our Website, if we take a look at the left hand side you can see, we’ve got a series of different icons, the very first one which looks like a hamburger menu. If we open that up, that’s our content management system – this is where we can manage our pages. Our blog posts stories, pop-ups and alerts and more we’ll cover each of these in our own dedicated videos a little later in this course.

If we hop over to the menu section, we can also go ahead and create our custom menus for our cloud-based website. Next up, we’ve got the add elements option and this allows us to add various different elements to our page. We can select this option and all of the elements we have available are all listed inside here. We can simply drag and drop these anywhere onto our site. Very simple and very easy to work with next up.

We’ve got the option for all of our blocks, and this shows us a visual representation of all of the key block parts of the page that we’re currently working on. As you can see, each one of these has a thumbnail associated with it. That shows us exactly what we have on the page. This means that we can easily rearrange reorder items simply by dragging and dropping so, for example, we’ll grab this option. We’ll drag this and you can see that now updates in real time.

If we scroll down our page, you can see, there’s our move to section and there’s what we’ve moved it to very, very easy to work with. Next, we have all of our global styling options. If we open this up, we can see what current style we’re working with. We can change styles inside you and completely change the look and feel of key components of our website. Colors fonts those kinds of things, and we can edit any of the typography that we have as part of our site.

Next on our list is the ability to view our design across various different device types. It’s important to check how it looks on devices like mobiles tablets and desktop, and we can easily do that by simply selecting the device type. We want to preview things on and then we can go ahead and make any changes. We may need to make sure everything looks perfect. Final option allows us to go ahead, find out more about Brizy cloud, open up the support option check out all the keyboard shortcuts.

We have available to speed up working with Brizy cloud and finally, we can also exit to our dashboard. Coming over to the right hand, side we’ve got a little floating toolbar that opens up more options. If we’ve got hidden elements on our design page, we can take a look at those we can undo and redo anything. We can preview our site in a browser and we can also save a draft and if we open the little arrow, we can clear our layout. We can save our layout or we can go ahead and publish our page when you’re ready to make changes to any part of your design.

That’s incredibly easy! All you need to do is select the element that you want, and this will open up a context, toolbar that has a range of different options associated with that specific type of element. If we choose a different element, we’ll have a different selection of options. If you click the gear icon, you can see that opens up even more options on the right hand, side, if you want to make changes to an entire section, simply hover over the section, choose the little option that pops out and inside there you can see again. We’ve got a series of options that allow us to customise the section and again, if we click on the gear icon, we have more options by simply clicking on more settings and again that will open up all the additional settings we have available to us and when you ready to add a new section, you can simply come down and click on the little plus and that will open up our browser in here we can browse between our layouts our blocks, our saved blocks and our global blocks.

You can simply choose what you want from the top section. Layouts will give you full access to entire pages and entire sites blocks are smaller components. To block elements on a page saved is anything that you’ve, customised and saved yourself and global blocks apply to blocks that associated throughout your entire site, where making changes will apply globally through everything. If we take a look on the left hand side you can see, we can switch between various different block kits, we can choose between light and dark styles, and we can also go through and see any of the categorised different elements blocks, layouts saved, global and so on listed by their various different categories, so free hero, sections featured, we can switch between light and dark. So there’s lots of great options inside here to get you up and running in super quick time.