Brizy Cloud 101

Lesson 04


In this lesson, we’re going to take a look at learning all about workspaces. Now workspaces are a great way of being able to organise your projects, invite collaborators and team members and do a lot more. So, let’s just dig a little bit deeper into workspaces. If we take a look at the top of the screen, you can see, we currently have my personal projects. If I click to expand that you can see all of the different workspaces that I have access to the number of projects inside there and so on.

So at the moment we’re looking at the my personal projects, as you can see, I currently have one project inside there. If we hop over to the client project, that’s completely empty at the moment, but as I create new projects, landing pages, pop-ups, etc, they can all be grouped underneath this. This is perfect. If you want to work with clients, you have various different projects. For example, you might use landing pages where you could group those together into simple workspaces.

The other benefit of workspaces is, you can invite different people to collaborate on a project or range of projects. So, for example, if we go back to my personal projects, you can see inside there. I’ve got one project. Currently, if we take a look at the team members on the top right hand, side you can see. I currently have one team member myself.

However, if we move over into the client projects, which is somewhere that I’ll be collaborating with other team members, you can see. I now have two team members associated with this workspace. Now the team members and roles functions is incredibly powerful inside Brizy cloud and we’ll cover them in his own dedicated video. But how do we go about adding a new workspace? It’s very simple: we simply come up.

Click create new workspace, we’ll call this one landing pages and then all we need to do is click. The plus we’ve now gone ahead and created our first workspace. Now, when you’re ready to add a new project, you simply come up to the workspace that you want, for example, client projects and then click on create new project, as you normally would. You can then choose what kind of project? For this example, we’ll choose a landing page and there’s our new project all created.

If you want to make changes to the name or remove any of the workspaces, you can do that simply by coming up to the menu drop down, choose the option you want. For example, landing pages click, the pencil icon and we can update that simply press the enter or return key. When you finished and that’s updated to delete. The workspace is just simply a case of selecting the workspace that you want and clicking on the trash icon and there we go. That’s now removed that particular workspace from our account and that’s the fundamentals of working with workspaces in Brizy cloud, a very, very powerful and easy way of grouping your projects and also the team members.

You want to give access to those group projects.