Brizy Cloud 101

Lesson 03

Publishing Options

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at the publishing options with Brizy cloud. Once you log into your dashboard you’ll see all of your projects available. When you choose a project to publish you simply hover over the project. Click. The three dots in the top right hand corner and choose publish once you choose that that opens up the two different sections securely hosted in your Brizy cloud account and self-hosted by yourself.

Let’S break down the difference between the two of these now. First on our list is custom domain. So, if you own your own custom domain, you can use that and host your website on Brizy cloud using your custom domain. You do have to have that domain beforehand, though we don’t supply those as part of your prissy cloud. Account second, we have sub domains now.

Subdomains are part of the Brizy,site domain, so you can use anything you want and have as many websites as you need hosted on a subdomain, so this could be mysite,bris or any combination. If you want to use a range of third-party free hosting, you can use our option, simply click connect, and that will give you a selection of different third-party free hosting providers, including how-to guys to help you get started. The servicing publishing option is a feature that lets you sync, your Brizy cloud project on the server in real time, you’ll edit the project in Brizy cloud, but the files will automatically be updated on your own server.

The final option we have is to export your html files for the project. This will download them as a zip file, and then you can use those files as you need now. The publishing option for popups is a little bit different. You simply come over to the three dots click and choose publish like before, but this time you just get a pop-up embed code. All you need to do is copy that embed code insert that into the footer of your website, and you are all good to go.