Brizy Cloud 101

Lesson 02


In this lesson, we’re going to learn all about Brizy cloud projects when you log into dashboard for the first time, you’ll be presented with the create a new project card. As you start to create projects, every project will have its own unique card. Alongside the create a new project card when you’re ready to create a project, simply click on the plus with create a new project, and this will display all the kinds of projects you can create inside Brizy cloud. First, up, we’ve got websites and landing pages websites can be multi-page landing pages single pages. You can create pop-ups and alerts and then use these on external websites.

And finally, we can create stories or mini sites or landing pages. When you have multiple projects, it’s going to be much easier to build a filter and search for the project you’re looking for – and we can do that by using these options in the top left hand side, we can search, we can view all projects or we can Break things down to websites pop-ups or stories when you want to interact with any of your projects, you can simply come over the project card and inside there we now have additional options. We can click these three dots to publish this site to view the leads created by the site or delete the site. We can also choose to edit the project or we can come down. We can rename the project, we can also choose to publish the project or we can preview the project in our browser.