Brizy Cloud 101

Lesson 01

The Dashboard Overview

In this video we’re going to take a very brief look at the dashboard of Brizy cloud, we’ll cover each of the different components in more detail in the subsequent videos, but for now, let’s just use this as a quick overview to start off with. We have the workspace section inside here. We can see all of our workspace and create sub accounts perfect if we’re working with clients. Next, we have the team members. This will show us all the team members and we can go ahead and invite additional team members to work on projects, let’s close that down for now.

Next up, we have our account specific options. This shows us things like our profile, support, documentation and more, and we can also sign out from the dashboard here as well below this. We have a collection of all of our different projects. We can create new projects, view any existing projects and a lot more i’ll quickly go ahead and create a test project, and once we’ve created a test project, we now have more options available. We can do things like name our project.

We can edit our project. We can publish our project and we can choose to preview our project, and if we come to the three dots in the top corner, we can choose to publish our website, we can view any leads. Our website is generated, or we could choose to delete this project from our dashboard.